Patient Testimonials

  • “You made an otherwise difficult experience a pleasant one.”

    Mary B.

  • “When I first arrived I had lots of back pain…by my last time I was pain free. My overall experience was great and the staff really took care of me, I could really see the concern not only for me, but also for all their patients.”

    Emily S.

  • “I came in on my first visit using a walker and now I am walking on my own with much more comfort.”

    Camilla C.

  • “The therapy was just wonderful! I really looked forward to being here. All my visits were exactly what I needed and the therapists were patient when I had trouble with my exercises. I will miss coming.”

    Jean E.

  • “I am at least 95% better! “

    John S.

  • “I am able to sleep – at last!”

    Linda D.

  • “I have noticed the way ALL the patients here are treated and have recommended this place to my family and friends. I do appreciate the treatments.”

    Angela B.

  • “All the personnel are wonderful and will go the extra mile to help you.”

    Hollis H.

  • “I am now able to help others.”

    Carol W.

  • “Overall, I am doing everything without pain.”

    Rita S.

  • “The therapists here are very good and considerate to me and my situation. I recommend them highly.”

    Raymond T.

  • “I have been very satisfied with the care given at this facility. All the employees were courteous and genuinely concerned about me and my level of pain. I would strongly recommend this facility to anyone.”

    Robin C.

  • “I feel as though I can now go back to work. I highly recommend this therapy.”

    Kline L.

  • “I feel that Physical Therapy was a tremendous help for me. The therapists explained what muscles we needed to strengthen and why. I also think being around other people has been an emotional boost.”

    Eugene T.

  • “The OT therapists did a great job with giving me therapy and explaining each process.”

    Ruth T.

  • “I do not have as much pain as when I first started therapy. Hopefully I can continue exercises at home and prevent surgery.”

    Janice L.

  • “The therapists have been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed the experience in spite of the pain.”

    Jeannette P.

  • “Everyone is so nice. I enjoyed my therapy. I feel like I’m doing really well.”

    Mollie T.

  • “Very good experience.”

    Wesley M.

  • “Before physical therapy, my golf swing was very painful. After therapy, there is no pain when I swing a golf club.”

    Jeff W.

  • “Before therapy, every step I took my hip would hurt and also my leg to ankle was very sore. Now I can walk without pain in my leg or hip.”

    Mary O.

  • “Originally I had severe pain in my knee – after therapy, I can walk without any pain. I am well satisfied with my therapy. “

    Milo S.

  • “I can walk without assistance. I am able to drive now. I am very pleased with my results.”

    Sylvia B.

  • “Every therapist has been very friendly and very knowledgeable about the necessary treatment for me. Thank you!

    Susan B.

  • “Great experience! Well pleased with result of physical therapy.”

    Billy D.

  • “I was satisfied with my visits to Rehab Advantage. I can use my arm without pain in my shoulder which I was unable to do before rehab. “

    Adell T.

  • “Therapy helped my knee get stronger every visit. Thank you very much. “

    Rufus S.

  • “Better understanding of my conditions and pain was decreased by consultation with therapist. My core strength and back stability have increased since beginning therapy. “

    Walter H.

  • “I am able to walk without pain and do everyday chores around the house. The exercise has helped with my energy level, too.”

    Frances D.

  • “I feel that I am not inhibited by pain at all after therapy.”

    Autrey H.

  • “I am more active without worry of precipitating pain.”

    Donald V.

  • “I really think therapy has done me a lot of good because when I first came I could not use my arm at all, but now I can do things with it. They are really nice to all of their patients.”

    Iverline P.

  • “I can practice soccer without pain. I am more flexible”.

    Caleb H.

  • “I can walk now, bend my knee, and use my leg any way I want to now and I could not do any of these before I came to Rehab Advantage”

    Nelson S.

  • “I was surprised at how quickly the pain left and my strength came back.”

    Loren O.