Now Offering Telehealth

Are you practicing responsible social distancing or are you quarantined and cannot come into the clinic for your physical therapy? Do you have questions about your injury, symptoms, or action plan? Do you need guidance or clarification to perform or progress your home program or to prevent loss of improvement?

While Rehab Advantage & Sports Medicine remains open to treat in-person, we are now offering Telehealth services to our patients that cannot or should not leave home to come into an office.

Benefits of a Telehealth Treatment Session:

  • Reduce your risk of exposure to illness and maintain physical distancing
  • Discussion of/screening of aches, pains or symptoms and determine the appropriate plan of action
  • Guidance toward self-driven pain modification strategies
  • Guided prescriptive exercises to maintain or progress home programs
  • Guided strength and balance training
  • Ergonomic assessment and training to ensure that your environment is conducive to your health
  • Reduce burdens on primary care physician offices, urgent cares and hospitals during this critical time for musculoskeletal issues